Abandon Everything


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Jake Alexander - Drums
Wes Beasley - Vocals
Liam Cahill - Bass
Wes Linkenhoger - Guitar


released May 18, 2011

Produced by Travis Bonner at the Diamond Factory in Austin, TX



all rights reserved


DETHRONE Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Kingdoms Fall
Ever since i was a kid I've lived under your iron fist.
Now you have made the list.
There's no way you'll live through this.
I thought it was just a phase,
A feeling I can't replace.
Now I'm forced to invade to put an end to this charade.

It's all your fault! I have been taught
by the mistakes you have made.

Your allegiance now lies with me
Overrun, you're forced to flee
Now watch closely as your kingdom falls,
because i learned to walk before you learned to crawl

Their blood is on your hands.
When will you understand
these people need me in order to be free?
Your defeat pulses through their veins,
children content as they watch you hang.
Enjoy the last of your existence.
When I rule there will be no resistance
Track Name: Silence Fiction
In a pillar of light as bright as the sun,
an event that took mercy on nothing and no one.
Shattering glass hundreds of miles away.
Shattering the thoughts of anyone that's around.
Evidence of the reason has yet to be found.
A mystery in history that rings through time.
A continent away the blast was even felt
as atmospheric pressure fluctuated then fell.
There is no crater so no one can tell,
was it human cruelty or cosmic hell?

Was it natural or was it a crime?

The flash was quick and the heat was immense,
then like a giant falling a sound so intense.
People held their ears as they screamed in fear.
Tearing off their clothes as it melted to their skin.
There's a fire in the sky and no one knows why.
They don't understand, but did they even try?
There is no crater so no one can tell,
was it human cruelty or cosmic hell?

Was it natural or was it a crime?

The night sky turned white and the land took flight!
Track Name: Leviathan
It won't be long until you're all gone,
society falls and we all get along.
How long did you think that this would last?
Everyone suffers from birth until death.

Buried beneath the sea
where death is supposed to be.
Walking amongst you and me,
a human anomaly.
It consumes you like a bad dream.
Nothing you know is what it seems.
Your life is tearing at the seams.
Your demise is what he brings.
The serpent sheds its skin
to reveal itself within.

The creature it turns out to be
is an animal identical to me.
Feeding and breeding its way through life.
Catalyzing humanity's eternal strife.

Blackened we must be to think that we are free
Track Name: Lost Cause
Forced to hold hands with the enemy.
Blind to any point of clarity.
After everything we've been through
I didn't think they would get to you.
Abandoned everything that you knew
for this land which holds no truth.
Threw your soul into a raffle
hoping not to die in battle

The prize you seek lies within the weak,
who die in your muzzle flash as you create a path to nowhere.

Now you've left us all behind for a life you've been assigned.
Track Name: Pathetic
Time is an hourglass of happiness
being emptied into the abyss.
Screaming down the halls of despair,
bleeding to death but I don't care.

Just being alive eats me from inside
but I don't care.
It's not a crime that I never try
because I don't care.

I don't care you fucked me in every way.
I have gained nothing yet still I pay.
In solitude is where I will stay.
Rather not see the break of day.

Couldn't care less whether you lived or died.
I'll forfeit all of my time making you cry
until I suck the last breath from your lips
and set aflame your corpse which no one will miss.
Track Name: When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth
Millions of years of devolution
have lead to a world full of pollution
and now we exist with no retribution.

What I would give for them to live
among us again.
Content to be crushed beneath their feet.
At least I'd die in peace.

Stories of giants lie in the ground.
Millions of which have yet to be found.
We all assumed they have abandoned
this pathetic excuse for a planet.

I would spend my life bringing them back
if I knew that they would attack.
Smashing the cities from shore to shore.
Crushing everything I hate and adore.